Lauren Smith

Making beautiful, wearable, and contemporary jewelry is what I strive for at Smith Goldsmith. Born and raised on a farm, I’m no stranger to hard work and getting my hands dirty; I love this not-so-glamorous part of making jewelry. Details matter to me- what I want in a piece is quality, sustainability and something that you can wear everyday. I choose to listen, to notice the people, culture, and nature around me, present and past, to create exceptional pieces. I use my artistic insight to understand what you want in a piece of jewelry. My style: organic, elegant (but not fussy), versatile, and simply gorgeous.

Today, I still love to take time to adventure in nature and visit the family farm, but most days you will find me behind my jewelry bench doing what I love.

I work with all precious metals and gemstones, sourcing only the finest quality. My respect for the materials with which I work, along with my inspiration from the rugged, natural beauty of the Owens Valley and the understated, yet bold style of the people who raised me drives my designs and my company. I strive to create jewelry that is both beautiful, natural for your lifestyle, and eye-catching. I have also successfully forged a niche by repurposing the forgotten and out-dated jewelry in your jewelry box and making it fun-to-wear and fabulous.

From farm to (black tie or family dinner) table, I have the ability to hand craft jewelry that both works for your lifestyle and expresses your personality.

Smith Goldsmith Beginnings

During the nine years of working for someone else as a goldsmith and bench Jeweler, Lauren Smith honed her own unique vision for a jewelry company. In 2016 Lauren found herself with an opportunity to fulfill her longtime dream and create a company that would reflect her ideas about design, sustainability and relationships. Just as her jewelry line is not defined by her, but by the human condition, Smith Goldsmith hopes to be a reflection of the people who wear it, collect it, and give it.

Let’s talk!

Tell me what you like, tell me what you love, and I will playfully create it. I make jewelry that not only looks great, it is designed for an active lifestyle, your lifestyle. At Smith Goldsmith I aspire to create pieces that become heirlooms, thus making memories significant to a larger community. In doing this I pledge to do my best to find quality materials and suppliers that lessen their impact on the environment and humanity. Lastly, I want to harken back to an older time where you get to know your jeweler and a lifelong friendship is forged along with stunning jewelry. Send me a message!

Lauren has become my family’s jeweler. She recycled my most sentimental, “old-but-good” jewelry pieces and transformed them into beautiful, current, and meaningful pieces that my (adult) children wear every day. I love that my kids are wearing little bits of family history that would otherwise be sitting in a drawer.
Virginia Thorson, Rancher, Big Pine, California
My job as a project manager for high-end home and hotel renovations means that I am constantly running from client meetings to the job site. Lauren’s jewelry designs are made for ME: they rise to meet me in my best business attire, or in my jeans and hard hat. Bravo Lauren—you make me look good every time!
Martha Gould, Project Manager, New York and Bermuda
I had this crazy idea that I wanted my wisdom teeth made into a piece of jewelry. Well, Lauren didn’t think it was crazy at all–she jumped right on board and went to work. She created a silver ring where the silver-covered teeth are set along a gum-line of silver. Amazing-it totally works! Talk about one-of-a-kind– this ring is a conversation piece everywhere I go.
Jack Moll, Artist and Performer, Los Angeles, California
I wanted something special for my wife’s birthday and there was just no way I could articulate what I wanted. Lauren asked me what my wife was like, what she loved to do, what I love about her, what we liked to do for fun. Lauren and I decided on a diamond ring. I know that sounds cliche, but Lauren’s design took the “diamond ring” to a whole new level. My wife couldn’t believe it–nobody else will ever have anything like it–it is us.
Matthew Dean, Entrepreneur, Santa Barbara, California