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My Love Story

By Lauren Smith

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Hello, welcome! My name is Lauren Smith and this is my love story…

Last year I took the plunge, leaving all I knew behind to strike out hand-in-hand with my new partner in life, love, and business.

On this first anniversary of our wedding and our business, I wanted to introduce myself. It’s been just one year and so much in my life has changed. I went from being a full-time goldsmith in a small shop, to starting my own jewelry business. My love for metalsmithing and art has led me to design and create a line of fun pieces that can be worn everywhere; one of a kind jewelry that is inspired by the great outdoors and the fun, playful spirit inside of me.

The jewelry I produce is versatile and can be worn for many occasions with several different looks. I prefer simple elegance that isn’t fussy and has an heirloom quality.  My design process often starts with conflict-free gemstones chosen for their beauty and clarity. Then I start dreaming, sketching, carving wax models and fabricating the foundation for the piece. My final step is to develop a form that complements and accentuates what nature has so masterfully created within the stone.

All of my jewelry is sustainably sourced and, whenever possible, uses repurposed and recycled materials. Maybe you’ve experienced a life changing event, something of love or loss, and find yourself with jewelry you no longer need or want. Instead of continuing the endless consumer cycle of selling unwanted jewelry for a fraction of what it’s worth, you can decide to reimagine what the piece could be. This is where I come in! I love helping people dream, explore, and create a custom piece with intrinsic personal value.

So, in short, on my anniversary of so much change, my goal is to continue to follow my dream of being an independent, happy, healthy woman who gets to do what I love, which is design jewelry and make pieces that will stand the test of time.

Please check out my collection of jewelry. You never know, you may find something for your everyday fabulous life, whether it’s adventuring in the great outdoors or enjoying an event downtown. There’s so much there to be styled, mixed, matched, and worn, really worn! And of course as always, I truly want to hear your jewelry’s story. This for me, is a project I would like to grow into something that connects people in the present with their past and on into their future.

P.S. – Please send me your heirloom stories of love, of loss, of life.

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2 Thoughts to My Love Story

  1. Patty Screen November 13, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    Looking great Lauren! Awaiting future blogs….

  2. Toni & Tom Jirovsky November 14, 2017 at 12:41 pm

    Lauren, you & your designs are amazing! Anniversary congratulations are in order! love, T & T